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How To Properly Replace Lost Images From Server Error. Please Read!


So we are going on two weeks now waiting for server files to be restored. While we are still being assured servers will be fully restored, we are getting a lot of questions about what to do about displaying pictures until then?  Fortunately Sellercore already had a feature that will make this process not to challenging.  First thing I would like to do is direct you to our image upload video so you can see this in action before I explain it. While the whole 10 minute video will show you a lot of info you should know, if you really just need a “Replace Image” refresher, jump to about the 9 minute marker.


First thing I want to point out is that I constantly see Sellercore users re-uploading the exact same image multiple times.  This creates multiple files with multiple URL’s even though the image is exactly the same. One image that is upload just one time can be used an unlimited number of times across an unlimited number of templates. Basically when you place an image in your template, you are just telling your browser where online you can find this image online.  If the image has already been uploaded in the past, instead of creating a brand new image file with the exact same image, you simple tell your browser where it can find a copy of this image by using the image’s URL.  This will also save a ton of file space as every image uploaded should be unique.

An example of a Sellercore image URL…


This takes me to my second point and best practice when using images online. Let’s say that you have a logo image that you would like to use in all your templates. Now that we know this logo image only needs to be uploaded one time, this also means that the exact same image URL code (like the example above) will appear in all your templates since all your templates are showing the exact same logo image. Identical image, use identical URL! What this means is that you now have a much great control over changing your universal images. Let’s say that you have 100 templates using this logo image and you decide you want to change your logo. Your first thought may be that you have to go in and manually change these 100 templates but you would be wrong. Because you used the same logo image URL in all your 100 templates, this means that all you have to do is simply replace your old logo image with your new image and the second it is uploaded, all 100 templates will now display your new logo image.  This works like a phone number. If you call a phone number today and Bob answers the phone, and then later today Bob gives his phone number to Mary, when you call that number tomorrow Mary will answer the phone. The phone company does not care who answers, just like a URL, it’s just taking you to a unique destination.


So what does this mean for this server issue?!  It means that you do not have to upload brand new image files and then manually edit and re-post all your templates. All you need to do is find the image file in your Sellercore Image Manager and re-upload the exact same image in place of the missing image. As soon as the image is uploaded it will again display in your live templates. What this also means is that when the server is repaired, you will not again lose your image as it will simple replace this new version of image “A” with the exact same image “A” this it was previously displaying.


I hope this all makes sense and please post any questions you have here so we may help each other find the right answers while this server problem is being resolved.


  • kdmetcalfe

    This process did not work for me since all of the images in my Sellercore Image Manager were damaged. None could be used or even viewed.

  • jameskgti

    Images on my Sellercore Image Manager are not available as explained. I can not replace any images ugh!!

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This is not working, just show NO IMAGE FOUND on most of my files,

Few days ago, ALL of my files despaired and whole SELLERCORE website went offline, this is not the first time it’s happened. And I guess that I lost lots of money as I was unable to display my listing properly and I still can’t.

We paid for the disc space and you LOST OUR FILES, I don’t believe any more that you are getting them back, it’s been OVER 30 DAYS now.  To replace the pictures, it will cost me weeks of work to replace them all. This is NOT acceptable, you should have been BANED from selling any online service and refund all the money to costumers that lost they files.  I already start uploading pictures with the TRUSTED provider. When I replace all files that’s me finished with sellercore once at all, and no more worries about my stuff.

The worst thing you could possibly do its start LOSING CUSTOMERS FILES and that what you just did.

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