11/9/2017 - Updated Sellercore email system for more trusted and reliable delivery.
11/2/2017 - Sellercore is now fully SSL compliant and your hosted images and files are now viewed as secure content. Sellercore will redirect all HTTP request to the secure HTTPS however you may still need to change your code URL's to avoid warnings on sites like eBay. Simple change any URL pointing to Sellercore from "https://sellercore.com..." to "https://sellercore.com..." by adding the 's'.
10/31/2017 - The entire Sellercore website has been moved to a new server environment allowing access to more resources which equals a better user experience and faster hosted image loading for your viewers.
02/24/2016 - Added a Sellercore and general eBay help forum. Browse, ask, answer, and discuss questions about all Sellercore and eBay topics. This is currently in beta while we are populating information and testing features but new questions will still be answered.Click Here to visit the new question section.
02/11/2016 - Added Image Gallery javascript examples in Free À La Carte eBay Templates.
- Added ability to add common inline javascript to image elements for image gallery features.
- Added ability to set a "Name" tag to image elements for use with basic inline javascript.
- Fixed issue where dynamic image sizing was getting auto set back to static size. Example, an image with just a width setting and no height setting will have a dynamic hight in ratio to the static set width.
01/14/2016 - Created new image uploading help video. Click here to view video.
- Added full character string length count in "Document Info" window to also include counting of all spaces in the document.
12/16/2015 - Created new image slideshow help video. Click here to view video.
- Added ability to directly click on a URL link in HTML mode to preview the external file. To edit URL in HTML mode, navigate using the arrow keys.
12/15/2015 - Fixed multiple errors and bugs associated with using the css background images (size preview, changing bg url, quotation error handling, quick css display and changes, direct html changes, and code syntax highlighting).
12/10/2015 - Added option when uploading new image to compress large file sizes down allowing for more file space. Compressed image quality ultimately depends on original image and amount compressed. Over compression may result in a grainy image.
12/09/2015 - Added option to auto correct common restricted eBay code in the "Code Clean" feature.
- Added option to create image/file subfolders within the editor.
- Made saving a new template file more intuitive.
- Fixed subfolder issue when using editor quick file tree.
11/02/2015 - Clean HTML Code feature bug fixes and converts depreciated code to current standards.
10/31/2015 - Fixed bug that would occasionally remove saved templates from favorites list.
10/26/2015 - Added ability to preview templates in a mock mobile screen size under "Size Preview".
10/13/2015 - Added ability to create a CSS stylesheet for CSS classes and responsive designs.
- Save CSS under Sellercore files and change 'id' in URL (https://sellercore.com/file.php?id=####) to (https://sellercore.com/file.php?css=####). Link stylesheet as normal.
10/13/2015 - Editor now supports Meta tags and Sellercore responsive stylesheets.
10/12/2015 - Fixed Embed Media feature to recognize YouTube and Sellercore Slideshow URLs and adjust settings automatically.
10/08/2015 - Redesigned Sellercore Slideshow feature to more intuitive functionality.
- Edit an image slideshow straight from image folder itself or use the folder URL for Sellercore default slideshow settings.
10/07/2015 - Get HTML box warns of possible code not allowed in eBay templates.
10/05/2015 - Fixed font size Firefox bug.